Board Game Reviews

Rating Scales

Set up/Clean up Time:

Quick – Set up or Clean up takes roughly 5 minutes or less.
Average – Set up or Clean up takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes.
Long – Set up or Clean up takes roughly 10 minutes or longer.


Easy – Few or simple rules. Can be picked up and played with complete understanding in minutes.
Medium – Some minor complicated rules that require a few rounds/games to fully understand.
Hard – A complex game with either many rules, or a few specific, important rules, that are essential to winning the game.
Extreme – Read a book instead.

Component Quality:

Cheap – Cheaply produced or uninspired artwork/miniature designs.
Good – Interesting artwork and well-made pieces, including cards, board, and other features.
High – Extremely high quality production value with exceptional artwork and detailed character/feature design.

Final Verdict:

Poor (Less than 5) – Sub-par, less than stellar production overall, and not worth the purchase price or time spent playing.
Average (5) – Doesn’t distinguish itself from the crowd, but does enough right that you should at least give it a try, if not pick up a copy for yourself.
Good (6-7) – A definite purchase. Enough distinguishing features to set itself apart and warrant a look at.
Great (8) – Combines many elements seamlessly together for a worthy experience that’s worth playing over and over.
Excellent (9-10) – Exceptional on nearly all levels. A permanent addition to your collection.